European Statistics Awards

Launch of the first European Statistics Awards for Nowcasting

Better timeliness is a recurring demand by policymakers and other users of European statistics. Improving timeliness requires continuous efforts involving a broad range of stakeholders and is a key driver for innovation in European statistics. New approaches based on advanced modelling (possibly using alternative, almost real-time, information) have an important potential to give us accurate estimates of key indicators much faster than before.

Therefore, we are now launching the first round of European Statistics Awards for Nowcasting.


The competition will begin on 1 September 2022 and will run eight months until 30 April 2023.


The contest is open to teams of up to five persons from various backgrounds and disciplines with skills in time series analysis, forecasting or nowcasting. The competition is an excellent opportunity to apply your knowledge of econometric time series modelling in a real-life situation and to win up to EUR 8 000 per nowcasted time series. Your team could thus win up to EUR 24 000 in this round in case you rank first for all three time series.


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