Web Intelligence - Classification Challenge

Organized by EuropeanStatisticsAwards - Current server time: July 18, 2024, 7:57 a.m. UTC
Reward EUR 25,000
Submission Phase
June 1, 2024, midnight UTC
Reusability and Innovativity Submission Phase
Oct. 1, 2024, midnight UTC
Competition Ends
Dec. 31, 2024, midnight UTC

Submission Phase

Start: June 1, 2024, midnight

Description: In this phase, each team can make up to 10 successful classification submissions (according to the approaches that they have developed) for the Classification Challenge. Each submission must be accompanied by additional documentation describing the approach and thus be eligible to compete for the Accuracy, Reusability and Innovativity award.To download the performance of a particular submission, go to: 'Participate > Submit / View Results', select the minus (-) on the right of the interested submission to open the submission actions, and click 'Download output from scoring steps'. The downloaded zip contains the scores.txt file which lists the LCA scores.

Reusability and Innovativity Submission Phase

Start: Oct. 1, 2024, midnight

Description: The period in which the teams have additional time to submit their documentation for the reusability and innovativity awards.

Evaluation Phase

Start: Oct. 16, 2024, midnight

Description: The period in which the submissions are evaluated.

Competition Ends

Dec. 31, 2024, midnight

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